WTAP Noon-Calif. Shooting Latest-11/8/18

WTAP Noon-Calif. Shooting Latest-11/8/18

To Your Health: Allergy Shots Can Improve Eczema Symptoms

To Your Health: Allergy Shots Can Improve Eczema Symptoms

To Your Health: New Life-Saving Treatment For Body Tumors

Scientists have made advancements in treatments for patients suffering from a genetic condition that causes thousands of tumors on the body. A Texas mother says a new treatment has changed her life.

Work out Friday on Daybreak

Workout tips to help you keep in shape during the holidays.

Forecast for November 16th

Forecast for November 16th


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'Total destruction': Volunteers sift through ashes of Northern California wildfire

“It’s not so much what I have seen but what I haven’t seen,” said Dave Freeman, 74, a volunteer and retired school superintendent. “There’s not much that’s recognizable.”

Migrants unpopular in Tijuana, Mexico

The border city welcomed Haitian refugees two years ago, but the latest migrant caravan is unpopular with the mayor and some residents.

DeVos campus sex misconduct rules slammed by victims' advocates

"It will return schools to a time where rape, assault and harassment were swept under the rug," said an advocacy group for sexual assault survivors.

From sperm donor to 'Dad': When strangers with shared DNA become a family

"There’s no social script for any of these scenarios," said the founder of a support group for donor-conceived children.

Serial con artist swindled victims and abandoned her children

Dana Lawrence built a life of lies in order to defraud unsuspecting victims, including a pilot, a rabbi and a boyfriend’s mother, authorities say.